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Just starting out?

Oh, the places you'll go with all the perks and features in our GO Bundle!*

Go with the whole bundle or get just what you need right now!

Fees and overdrafts? Nah. Quick payments with Zelle

Debit Card

New to managing your money? We get it. Start off right with an account from our GO Bundle.

Choose from a Balance Account1 with no overdraft fees or Student Free Checking account with no monthly service fees.2 With either of these accounts, you'll get a free debit card with lots of fun designs to choose from.

Plus, so many more ways to manage your money (like...right on your phone).

Open Account Compare Accounts

Double points with Amazon and restaurant purchases

Student Rewards credit card

Get the perks you want with the Student Rewards Credit Card in our Go Bundle.

You'll get double points on Amazon3 and restaurant purchases and up to 4,000 bonus points each year with a 3.0 GPA4 - redeem points for cash, travel or other fun stuff.

Plus, no annual fee at all and contactless payments - just tap to pay.

Apply NowCompare all Cards

A $50 bonus

auto loans

Enjoy your new wheels with an auto loan in our GO Bundle.

Enjoy great rates for new and new-to-you (aka used) cars, and a fast preapproval so you're always shopping in your price range.

And because it’s your first auto loan, you get a $50 reward after 12 months of on-time payments.5

Great rates - no studying required

Student loans

Stop stressing and start saving money with a student loan from our Go Bundle.

When financial aid isn't enough, count on an affordable, private student loan from Summit to to help pay for all things college.

Enjoy a super easy, one-time application, great low rates, flexible repayment terms where we find what works for you and no fees or penalty for paying off early.

Apply for Loan

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