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Project Money 2017 October Update

Project Money Season 9 October Update

Believe it or not, it’s already October, which means it’s officially fall!

That also means we’ve entered month four of Project Money season nine. Our teams are in the midst of their impactful journey, so sit back, relax and learn how to own your financial life.  


Let’s just say Jenniffer had an eventful September, which began with a heartfelt entry about Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. Taking the focus off herself for the week, Jenniffer detailed the importance of researching organizations before you give to them, providing some helpful resources and articles along the way.

From there, Jenniffer did a great job of celebrating daughter Ashley’s birthday—on a budget! In addition to cooking a homemade meal for Ashley’s friends and family (rather than going out), she helped her get started on her first checking account.

A fitting end to her jam-packed month, Jenniffer got engaged! We can already tell her Project Money journey has had an effect as she almost immediately started discussing how she’ll be budget-conscious for her big day.

We’d also like to note we’ve enjoyed her weekly financial fun facts, keep it up!

Karl & Heather

These active parents just wrapped up a very successful summer on a budget, which they summed up in several helpful learnings. Starting with planning ahead for meals and snacks, they touched on back-to-school savings and even hit on free, fun activities.  

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention their highlight of the month, which came in the form of a goal achievement notification from Summit’s Money Minder tool! Even though they initially thought the notification was bad news, it turned out to be the exact opposite, as they officially paid off one of their credit cards.

Lastly, the parents shared their knowledge of enjoying our abnormally MILD fall with a few budget-friendly activities around town. We especially liked the picture from their in-house hair salon

Great stuff, Karl and Heather!

Moriah & Terrance

These two began September describing everything they’ve learned after 93 days in Project Money. Wow! That flew by. The most compelling realization they’ve had is the fact they can work toward their financial goals AND still enjoy themselves. Good stuff.

Most importantly, their Project Money journey has helped them realize they have to communicate over all purchases—all in the vein of protecting family finances. Even better, they both feel like they’ve maintained a sense of financial freedom!

The parents later had a great post about small victories. One of their biggest money weaknesses is eating out too much (something we probably all can relate to). So, to help overcome that, they didn’t eat out for a full SEVEN days (seriously, when was the last time you did that?) The achievement also gives Moriah great momentum for her next challenge: bringing all her meals to work for a full week.  

The couple ended September on a high note by hosting a clothing swap, which is when friends get together to trade clothes, instead of spending a bunch of money at the mall. 

Awesome work, team!


As a fitness entrepreneur, Venus always has interesting financial lessons. This month, she learned a valuable lesson about taking smart financial risks, after putting money toward a lead generation program on Instagram. After three months, she unfortunately didn’t get any new leads but did realize that next time she should invest her money in areas where she is more active, which in her case would be in-person networking.

Venus had a great entry about facing her fears as she visited Madison’s NBC15 to discuss her Project Money journey. To date, the biggest lesson she has probably learned is the power of having resources or a team of support to help you achieve goals.

To finish September, Venus shared another awesome lesson by being successfully budget conscious on a recent weekend getaway. A few moves included going grocery shopping to save on eating out and making a list of budget goals BEFORE she went on the trip, so they’d stay top-of-mind.

Keep owning it, Venus!

There’s month 4 in all its glory, savvy savers! Keep checking out our Money Smarts blog for more Project Money updates and financial resources.