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It pays to shop for a credit card,
not just
with one.

We have the card options to help make sure you get what you’re looking for.
And here are a few things you’ll get no matter what:

No Annual Fees1

Mobile Wallet Convenience

Transaction Alerts & Chip Card Technology Protection


Find The Card With What You Want

Card Results:

Clear Filters

Ultimate CashPerks

Summit's Ultimate CashPerks Credit Card
  • Contactless payment with tap to pay
  • 3% Cash Back on airlines2
  • 2% Cash Back on hotels and dining2
  • 1.5% Cash Back on all other purchases2
  • VISA Signature Concierge
Newsweek Best Credit Union Credit Card

What You’ll Get

Our highest cash back percentage, and complimentary Visa Signature Concierge services, with the Ultimate CashPerks^ card. Call a concierge to book your travel, find your tickets or line up dinner reservations. Speed through security checks with TSA PreCheck and global entry credits,12 and no foreign transaction fees. Plus, no annual fees, a contactless card, discounts from your favorite stores and extra travel perks.

Purchase/Balance Transfer APR

0% intro rate for 12 months,4 12.65% Varies with Prime rate3 after that

Cash Advance APR

12.65% Varies with Prime rate3

Visa Platinum Rewards

Summit's Platinum Rewards Credit Card
  • Contactless Payment with Tap to Pay
  • Rewards With Every Purchase
  • Double Points on gas and wholesale club purchases


The amazing rewards you want, none of the annual fees you don’t and a contactless card! Includes double rewards points when you use your Summit card for gas and wholesale club purchases. Redeem for airline tickets, once-in-a-lifetime vacations or 1% cash back.5 Or trade in for brand name merchandise, meals at your favorite restaurants and lots of other great options in our Summit Rewards catalog.

Purchase/Balance Transfer APR

0% intro rate for 12 months,4 13.65%-21.65% varies with Prime rate after that6

Cash Advance APR

13.65%-21.65% varies with Prime rate6

Visa Platinum

Summit's Visa Platinum Credit Card
  • Lowest Rates
  • Easy Money Management
  • Contactless PAYMENT with tap to pay


A card with no annual fees that makes every purchase fast and easy, plus a contactless card. Set up your mobile wallet with Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay to make it even easier!

Purchase/Balance Transfer APR

0% intro rate for 12 months,4 9.9%-17.9% after that7

Cash Advance APR


Summit Student Rewards Card

Summit's Student Rewards Credit Card
  • Good Grade Bonuses
  • Double points on Amazon And Restaurant Purchases
  • Contactless payment with tap to pay


Up to 4,000 bonus points each year with a 3.0 GPA,8 plus earn double rewards points whenever you buy something on Amazon9 or dine out!
No annual fees, a contactless card and your Summit Rewards are redeemable for cash back, travel and everything else in our Summit Rewards catalog.

Get the perks you want with the Student Rewards Credit Card in our GO Bundle.

Purchase/Balance Transfer APR

0% intro rate for 12 months4, 13.65%-21.65% varies with Prime rate after that6

Cash Advance APR

13.65%-21.65% varies with Prime rate6

Summit Global Good Card®

Summit's Global Good Credit Card
  • Donation With Every Purchase11
  • Double Points on Restaurant and Hotel Purchases
  • Contactless card with tap to pay


Want to make a world of difference? Summit donates to World Council of Credit Unions (WOCCU) every time you pay – at no cost to you – plus $10 when you open your card. People around the world get the safe, affordable financial services they need. You double rewards points on dining and hotel purchases. Redeem for travel, cash back and more. Or you can donate those too. See everything we offer in our Summit Rewards catalog. Plus, no annual fees and a contactless card.

Purchase/Balance Transfer APR

0% intro rate for 12 months,4 12.90%-20.90% varies with Prime rate after that6

Cash Advance APR

12.90%-20.90% varies with Prime rate6

Add up to four credit cards to compare.
Must add at least 2 products to compare.
Tools & Resources


See if consolidating your debt is the best option.


One popular strategy for accelerating the payoff of a loan is to make 'bi-weekly' payments.


Like many credit card holders, there are times when you might have overdone it on the spending and are now facing the task of paying off your credit card balance.


Is transferring your credit card debt really worth it?

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