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Between you and your money, you can make it happen. We can help.
Working It
Kenzi Enright | Females & Finances Feature
Females & Finances: Kenzi Enright
Females and Finances, Money Tips, Working It
In our Females & Finances series, inspirational women leaders from Madison and Milwaukee share their words of wisdom for women who are trying to manage their finances and own it in their everyday lives. This month, get to know Kenzi Enright, community director of Milwaukee-based coworking space, Ward4.
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Sarah Campagna
Females and Finances, Financial Freedom, Working It
For November’s Females and Finances, we’re proud to introduce Sarah Campagna, branch manager at Summit Credit Union. Sarah uses her experience in the financial industry to help others adopt healthy money habits and stay on the road to financial empowerment. She’s also been a coach for Summit’s Project Money! Keep reading for her valuable insights and some tips on how to Own It!
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renee moe
Females and Finances, Financial Freedom, Money Tips, Working It
For September’s edition of Females and Finances, we are proud to feature Renee Moe, the president and CEO of the United Way of Dane County. Renee’s father taught her how to be financially savvy from a young age, and now she’s using that knowledge to help Dane County residents overcome poverty and gain economic stability.
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lisa peyton caire
Females and Finances, Financial Freedom, Own It, Working It
Our Females and Finances spotlight for August belongs to Summit’s very own assistant VP of life, learning and events, Lisa Peyton-Caire. After receiving an extensive education and holding a variety of leadership positions, Lisa has developed a proactive approach to securing financial freedom for herself and others.
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Credit Card Tips on the computer
Credit, Protecting Your Finances, Working It
According to recent studies, the younger working class takes on credit card debt faster than any other generation, but pay it back much more slowly. While the recent economy has sparked much of this habit, the lasting consequences are troubling. Check out the following tips to help you improve your financial future and avoid long-term debt.
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Wendy Baumann
Females and Finances, Money Tips, Working It
For this month's Females and Finances series, we’re featuring Wendy Baumann from the Wisconsin Women’s Business Initiative Corporation. Wendy has been president of the WWBIC for over 23 years (wow!), helping women across the state realize their goals. Read on for some lovely insight into her upbringing, family and professional career. Way to Own It, Wendy!
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